You can not turn on your television, desktop, laptop, smartphone, iPad, tablet or any other device that streams any kind of social media or news without being bombarded with another headline regarding Women and their quest for equal rights. It’s exhausting. Women screaming vulgar malicious things with a microphone in hand for the whole world to hear. Women being anything but ladylike demanding equal rights for me. Equal treatments, equal pay, equality across the board. Let me tell you these women DO NOT SPEAK FOR ME!!

We as women were not created to run around the earth with mouths-wide-open, mid-drifts showing, screaming at the top of our lungs demanding things from the world. We were not created to seek equality for women. We were not created to seek out, point out and show the world how women are inferior to men (they are not). God took so much care in creating women. He carefully, thoughtfully, and lovingly created us. I’ve learned the hard way most women want men and society to know they can do anything a man can do and prove it can be done better by the female. Believe, me I know, I used to be one of them. The worst part of the female behavior is, we are teaching our daughters this is how women should act. It’s NOT!! How do I know this? Well, let me tell you…….

On the seventh day, God created man, from dust from the ground (Genesis 2:7). He then created the garden of Eden, described as a beautiful life-giving garden. He then placed Adam the first man there. Making Adam the keeper of the garden. Adam had the privilege to name all living creatures. Knowing this was a big job for Adam to accomplish himself, he decided to make a helpmate for Adam (Genesis 2:21). It does not say an inferior partner, a supervisor over Adam or even a boss for Adam. It states a helpmate for him. Thus the first every surgery was performed. He placed Adam in a deep sleep and removed one rib. A rib from his side. Not a bone from his foot, but a rib from his side. He then created woman. It does not say she was created from the same dust Adam was created from. But, from the rib, from the man, from her husband. She was created lovingly, carefully and thoughtfully from the man’s rib, in a beautiful life-giving garden. So, not only metaphorically but literally from his side. The first marriage ever was then created. Clearly stated in Genesis 2:24-25 two become one flesh. Become, one flesh.

Happily ever after was supposed to begin here. But, Eve who is deceived by the serpent ruins it for the rest of humanity. Sorry, ladies, I hate to break it to you. Eve wasn’t a good girl. She was easily deceived. She ate the fruit, then convinced her husband too as well. Genesis 3:16 plainly says “I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and conception; in sorrow, thou shalt bring forth children, and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over you” See, when people ask who is the first person you want to see in heaven, I vote Eve. I just need an explanation as to why. You know, I’m joking.

See, even though she deceived man (and God too) and convinced him to eat of the tree of Good and evil, thus the first ever eviction notice was served the first eviction took place. Imagine being evicted from the garden of Eden. Even still she was still given the name Eve, meaning Mother of all living things. The title itself screams pretty important person. So far we know, women were created by God, from a man’s rib, to be a helpmate to man. Designed for a purpose. The purpose, the mother of all living things, a helpmate to her husband. Then moving forward, she became a literal mom. Fulfilling her duties, helping her husband as well as being fruitful and multiplying. We don’t just find what we as women were created for in the book of Genesis. We have to dig deeper, look further and study harder.

There is the infamous Proverbs 31 and Titus 2 that clearly outline our duties as a woman. Then there is Ephesians 5:22-23 and 1 Peter 3:1-2, where it again states our husbands rule over us. We’re not talking a Hitler reign kind of rule over. So, please don’t start bombarding me with emails. Then digging deeper we see in 1 Timothy 2:9-15 plainly says Women are not to have authority over the man, for it was Eve who was deceived. Luckily, women were redeemed through childbirth, but consequences are consequences. My only point here today is to help women understand we were not made to be president, we were not made to be construction workers, we were not made to be preachers, we were not made to walk the streets screaming malicious profanities. Women rule with their hearts, their emotions not their head. It’s a proven fact. Believe me, for years I studied and tried to find a heavenly loophole to justify my thoughts, feelings, and actions towards this subject, but fortunately for us, Heaven doesn’t have loopholes.

So, if you pulled out your Bible, or googled the scriptures listed here today, you can see for yourself women are made from a Mans rib, taken from his side. To stand by his side to help him. To bear children, to be CEO of their own households. To train daughters, and sons to be men and women God designed and created them to be. Single moms, I know this seems like it doesn’t work into your current situation. I know it didn’t for me for ten-years either. Do, the best you can with what you have available to you. God will honor your true effort in honoring him to the best of your ability. Wives who live in abusive situations, this does not apply to you. I was one of those wives too. Prayerfully seek safety. These scriptures are not permission for a man to abuse you. Seek help. I also know there are homes where two incomes are required to make ends meet. You can still honor Gods word when working outside your home.

In closing, if this applies to you, I challenge you to honor God, by honoring your husband. Study the scriptures, talk it over with your husband, you may even seek advice from your pastor and/or pastors wife. Blessings will follow any change you make towards honoring God by honoring your spouse. Read Proverbs 31, Titus 2, 1 Timothy 2 and see what God has designed you to be.

Prayers to you,