After a big move not only to a different city but a whole different state comes with a lot of changes. Including the chore of finding a new Primary Care Physician for our not-so-little-littles. After many recommendations, phone calls and research we found one, YES! A win for the McCalip Family.  During this visit with our new PCP, while filling out the numerous pages of new patient paperwork, I was completely distracted. I am not talking about a little distracted but in your face distracting. In front of where I sat was this grossly huge stain. My kid spilled a two-liter bottle of soda on the carpet and cleaned it with a damp paper towel kind of stain. I could annoyingly constantly see it out of the corner of my eye.   There was this beautifully designed, well polished, and decorated table with magazines placed adjacent to the stain. I am positive in an alternate yet cleaner universe it may have been a beautiful focal point.  The kind you walk in and say, ohh, I love that, where can I buy it? Not so much in this universe.

All sorts of thoughts regarding this massive stain came to mind. Simple thoughts of “this is a physicians office, why would they let it sit, the bacteria, ugh”?  To “OMGOSH!! This is a physicians office why in the heck would they leave that disgusting germ magnet to stay there, Gross!” Then my thoughts moved to “well if this were my business I would never leave that stain there. So unprofessional”.  After a good forty-five minutes of distraction, my mind began to wander in another direction.  This direction had to obviously be a God thing because I will be the first to admit. I am an imperfect human, so naturally, I don’t automatically go to the WWJD  or any other biblical aspect of things. Yes, I know, it’s something I need to work on.  But, again I am human, that makes me a work in progress.

Anyhoo… As I sat there waiting for my daughter’s names to be called, I began to think, what if we quit viewing others through their stains. I know, Oh Lord, this so so much easier said than done. Let’s be honest you are as guilty as I am. Using their mistakes, their past and their indiscretions as a crutch to keep them at arm’s length; using them as justification to see yourself as better because your stains are not as big or as dark and noticeable as theirs.

As I kept glaring at this ugly stain and continued to think, what if God viewed our stains this way. As gross, disgusting, ugly and as a distraction. What if he allowed it to take away from the beauty within us because of our visible stains? Where would we be,  if he couldn’t get past these grotesque big stains? It is seriously unfathomable where I would be if I let my mind wander.

See when God cleans us, we are no longer tainted, grotesque or ugly.  We are not just clean and sanctified but justified too!! How awesome is that he would see past all the stains overshadowing us and into the future of beauty he has for us. He sees the adjacent well polished beautifully decorated table and not the ugly distracting stain in the midst of it all!! 


And such were some of you: but ye are washed, but ye are sanctified, but ye are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus and by the Spirit of our God. 1 Corinthians 6:11 (KJV). 

I am so thankful such a magnificent loving heavenly father would see past my stains, and see through my past and into what he knows I can be. His anointed calling on me whatever season I am in. Being reminded I am sanctified justified and lavishly loved and it’s amazing how one appointment in a physicians office can remind me of such an extraordinary gift.

So with this blog, I challenge not only myself but others to look past the dingy, tainted stains of others and just accept and love them anyway.

Remember your own past, your own dirt, your own stain, and God loved you, sanctified and justified you anyway.

Keep your coffee and your prayers hot,

Hollie McCalip