Dear Husband,

Our story began years before you and I became us, far before we ever knew who the other was. Our story is unique, destined, blessed and determined. Today, as we hit our two-year anniversary of when you officially asked me to be yours. As I sit and remissness and listen to ur Wedding playlist, and on every aspect that made us, well us, I want to share this with you. This is an open letter to you, my husband, confidant, biggest cheerleader, lover, my last kiss and best friend.

Long before we became us, you patiently, loving and relentlessly perused me. You spent hours unlike anyone else getting to know me through phone calls and text messages. When I would get scared due to previous relationships, back off and even disappear you gave me my space. You never once questioned me, you never hesitated to pick up where we left off as friends. You never once judged me, well at least not to my face. You spent time praying over me, my children and family way before we ever met face-to-face.

We drifted due to employment in opposite directions, ending up in different states. We went for a few months with only the sporadic messages from me. You were a gentleman in all the waiting. You never pressured me, only pursued me. Always allowing me that space I needed to eventually fall in love with you. Through the years with all the uncertainty, chaos, and confusion you were the one constant in my life. You won me over and became my best friend, which seems impossible considering our entire relationship was by phone. You knew it all, my deepest fears, darkest secrets, indiscretions, and stories about ME. And, you never cared about my past, about my mistakes, you patiently listened, shared and waited.

It seems so cliche to say, I fell in love with the sound of your voice before anything else. But, what else can I say it’s true. I still get butterflies when I see it is you calling. Cheesy, I know. After two-plus years of talking, sharing, scenarios, and enough video chatting and text messages to keep AT&T in business you asked my daughters for their permission to date me. With their blessing, together you guys cooked up a way to officially ask me to be yours. You sent me my favorite hot cheesy supreme pizza and the most gorgeous bouquet of flowers, along with a beautiful song, In case you didn’t’ know. Little did I know that the inside box of the pizza box the one question that would forever change my life, “Hollie, Will you be my girlfriend?” I have not regretted a day since saying, Yes.

From there we fastened our seat belts and took our relationship to the next level like the Indy 500. Straightforward and in high gear. We didn’t skip and beat and within two months you asked me to share the rest of your life as your sidekick, best friend, confidant, a partner in crime, and lover. As we stood in the rain and I said yes, I have never once looked back or regretted my decision to say yes, and promise the remainder of my life to you. Two months later you looked at me in awe as we stood on a balcony at sunset, in front of our closest friends and vowed to choose each other, every day without question we vowed to say, I do for the rest of our lives.

I will forever be grateful, thankful and blessed God designed a bigger plan that either one of could have imagined. We have had our challenges, our ups, our downs, and uncertainties. We have had three constants in our lives, each other and the lavish love of God.

So, today on our anniversary, I want to thank you. Thank you, for loving me constantly with patience, kindness, graciousness, relentlessness and of course humor. Thank you for continuing to look at me daily in awe. I seriously wouldn’t want to do life with anyone else. I

I love you. Love, Me XOXOX