‘ve been blogging for a few years. It’s a hobby of mine. Something I not only enjoy but something I know I was meant to do. I am not an eloquent writer, I wouldn’t even consider myself a good writer. But, I love doing it. Over the years I’ve changed my blog name and revamped a couple of times, once was the Roots & Wings, and now it has been revamped and renamed to Married My Boaz.

This latest change didn’t come lightly. It wasn’t on a whim. It was well thought out, planned and most importantly prayerful. I’ve known for some time my blog needed revamping a new name, a face lift of sorts. The reason behind the change was my focus, my platform, and a new direction. During the time of Roots and Wings, I was a single mom, focusing solely on the Rooted and winged aspect of parenting. Along the way, I also incorporated recipes, do-it-yourself projects, and frugal living. I will still be blogging about these things, however, I feel my focus has shifted toward marriage as well. I will also be adding some entertaining/hosting ideas, along with a living more with having less lifestyle.

I am not a professional counselor, therapist nor do I have a degree on anything regarding such matters. What I do have is the experience. Experience in failure, success, joys, fears and everything else that encompasses these subjects. In the last couple of years, my life has consisted of turning a friendship into a romantic relationship into an engagement and eventually into a marriage.  Therefore, I have two ex-husbands and the love of my life, my current husband. I also have five children, two bonus-children, and a crew of grandchildren. We are not the epitome of the blended family.  I would say we are the epitome of the emulsified family. I mean this in the best way possible. I love our emulsified imperfect chaotic family.  Therefore, I prayed on it and studied to find a new name. I wanted something that would reflect my life. Reflect, what I was doing with my blog and where I want to take it. I wanted to incorporate my history, my children, my husband and the other areas I am passionate about.

I am not sure how many people out there are familiar with the story of Ruth and Boaz in the Bible. If not, I am sure you have heard of their descendants. They are great-grandparents to David. Yep, David who slew Goliath. David was also Father to Daniel.  The Daniel who was thrown into the Lions Den. Pretty cool, huh?!

Beginning in Ruth 1, I am paraphrasing here…  Well,  because that is the best way I know to share this with you.  If you don’t know who Ruth was, she was daughter-in-law to Naomi. Naomi was wife to Elimelech, and mother to Mahlon and Chilion. They were Ephrathites from Bethlehem in Judah. When the judges ruled there was famine in the land of Judah, Elimelech took his family to Moab. In order to provide for his family. While living in Moab Elimelech died, leaving Naomi with her two sons, who then married Moabite wives, Orpah, and Ruth. After about ten years or so, Mahlon and Chilion died, too. Leaving Naomi a widower and childless.  Wow, seriously,  poor Naomi.  After hearing the Lord had blessed land of  Judah, Naomi then decides to return to her native land and leave Moab. The three women Naomi, Orpah, and Ruth packed their bags and headed off towards Judah.  Naomi then told her daughters-in-law to stay in their land, the land of Moab and return to their mother’s homes. Ruth and Orpah became somewhat argumentative, about staying behind. Naomi insisted they return to their mother’s homes in hopes they would find new husbands and bear children. Orpah was convinced and kissed Naomi and returned home. Ruth was like me more argumentative! She convinced Naomi and said what I think would be the most memorized scripture in the book of Ruth, one I have framed in our home with my engagement ring. A gift to my now husband, then fiance.

Ruth 1:16-17  And Ruth said, Intreat me not to leave thee, or to return from following after thee: for whither thou goest, I will go; and where thou lodgest, I will lodge: thy people shall be my people, and thy God my God:17 Where thou diest, will I die, and there will I be buried: the Lord do so to me, and more also, if ought but death part thee and me.

So, Ruth returned to Judah just in time for the barley harvest.  Naomi decides to be called Mara, meaning bitter. (I might be a little bitter too). Ruth went into the fields to glean. Gleaning was picking up the leftovers after the reapers were done cutting the barley.  While gleaning she arrived at the area belonging to Boaz. Boaz noticed Ruth and began asking who she was. She asked to glean in his fields and of course, said yes, and asked her to stay near his workers and allowed her to glean, rest, drink and provided protection from other men.  Ruth asked Boaz why she found favor with him being a foreigner in his land.

His reply Oh My Goodness his reply……….. In Ruth 2:11-12

And Boaz answered and said unto her, It hath fully been shewed me, all that thou hast done unto thy mother in law since the death of thine husband: and how thou hast left thy father and thy mother, and the land of thy nativity, and art come unto a people which thou knewest not heretofore. 12 The Lord recompense thy work, and a full reward is given thee of the Lord God of Israel, under whose wings thou art come to trust.

So, as we proceed, she kept working, gleaning fields.  She worked hard, provided for her Mother-in-law and She stayed faithful to her word and did as she told Naomi aka Mara she would.  That’s when Boaz,  bought all that was Elimelech’s, Mahlon’s and Chilion’s from Naomi. In verses 5 and 6, were told Ruth became apart of this as an inheritance. In turned redeemed her.

Then said Boaz, What day thou buyest the field of the hand of Naomi, thou must buy it also of Ruth the Moabitess, the wife of the dead, to raise up the name of the dead upon his inheritance.

6And the kinsman said, I cannot redeem it for myself, lest I mar mine own inheritance: redeem thou my right to thyself; for I cannot redeem it.

7Now this was the manner in former time in Israel concerning redeeming and concerning changing, for to confirm all things; a man plucked off his shoe, and gave it to his neighbour: and this was a testimony in Israel.

8Therefore the kinsman said unto Boaz, Buy it for thee. So he drew off his shoe.

9And Boaz said unto the elders, and unto all the people, Ye arewitnesses this day, that I have bought all that was Elimelech’s, and all that was Chilion’s and Mahlon’s, of the hand of Naomi.

10Moreover Ruth the Moabitess, the wife of Mahlon, have I purchased to be my wife, to raise up the name of the dead upon his inheritance, that the name of the dead be not cut off from among his brethren, and from the gate of his place: ye are witnesses this day.

11And all the people that were in the gate, and the elders, said, We are witnesses. The LORD make the woman that is come into thine house like Rachel and like Leah, which two did build the house of Israel: and do thou worthily in Ephratah, and be famous in Bethlehem:

12And let thy house be like the house of Pharez, whom Tamar bare unto Judah, of the seed which the LORD shall give thee of this young woman.

13So Boaz took Ruth, and she was his wife: and when he went in unto her, the LORD gave her conception, and she bare a son.

Ruth had been through her fair share of trouble, heartache, and misery. But, she stayed faithful to God a God that she considered Naomi’s God. She honored Naomi which leads to her being redeemed.

14And the women said unto Naomi, Blessed be the LORD, which hath not left thee this day without a kinsman, that his name may be famous in Israel.

15And he shall be unto thee a restorer of thy life, and a nourisher of thine old age: for thy daughter in law, which loveth thee, which is better to thee than seven sons, hath born him.

What if Ruth had stayed in Moab with Orpah, is that where her story would have ended?  I can’t say for sure but I do know, it didn’t. She married Boaz, together they had Obed became the father of Jesse, and Jesse was the father of David, Israel’s greatest king. What a gift God gave her!! The honor and opportunity to be the Great-grandmother of King David who was known as the man after God’s own heart.

In God’s providential plan, he used Ruth and Boaz to be the grandparents of King David and establish an incredible heritage that would eventually be used to bless the whole world throughout the rest of history. How is this? Do you know what line the Messiah was from? That is right, our Lord Jesus Christ came from the line of David. Since Boaz and Ruth were Jesus’ great great…grandparents. Yes, I went through all of this to just give you a history of who Boaz and Ruth are.

So, after my paraphrase story of Ruth, my husband didn’t die. But, I did, in an unexplainable manner. Years of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse, spiritually I did. I like Ruth could have easily been described as Iserals least desirable Widow. I left a life I knew. I went into an unknown land to me. I worked hard, I poured my blood, sweat, and tears into my children, my job and my ministry. My Boaz didn’t notice me dancing in a club, flashing new clothes, cars, diamonds or anything materialistic. He noticed a hardworking mom, a woman who read her bible, who went to church and studied to help with her Single Mom’s ministry. He saw me at my sweaty, dirty worst and still fell in love with me, he married me as is.

I am not perfect. I am not some kind of wonderful author, speaker nor do I possess a talent that builds my bank account. But, through my journey from my Moab, into my unknown Judah, into my own personal gleaning fields, I was redeemed. I married my Boaz.  Yes, with the story of how my husband and I met and the history we have in common, that we didn’t know we had until after the fact. I do believe God has some kind of providential plan for our lives and for the lives of our children. Do we know them, No? But, I will have faith, I will trust and wait to see what they are. We excitedly anticipate these plans and look forward to sharing them with you all as we go.

Stay tuned, keep your coffee hot and your prayer life hotter.

Hollie McCalip