God's Lockout…..

When I initially wrote this blog it was two years ago. The lesson in the lockout I had experienced spoke volumes to my spirit. I remembered it for a while because of the impact it had on me. But, as life has moved on so have my thoughts. It’s funny how easy I can remember song lyrics, inappropriate jokes and things that even the thought of makes me bitter. But, I couldn’t remember this impacting God ordained a beautiful lesson. I was working this morning after the girls were off to school combining my old blog with BlogSpot to my new blog with WordPress (actually its two years old). This blog post from two years ago spoke louder to me today than it did the day I wrote it. I have revamped it and incorporated a few things.
Gods Lock Out
I’m a planner! I can’t help myself. I am self-diagnosed and I suffer from OCPD (Obsessive Compulsive Planner Disorder). I actually don’t suffer, I really enjoy it (deep down I do have a little gypsy though).  Yes, I make list. Lots and lots of lists. Anyone who knows me, knows I love consistency. I love the same thing every day. I love knowing what we are doing daily. There is so much comfort in knowing what is planned each week.  Well, every morning I wake up, I walk down the same hall. In the same kitchen. Make the same coffee and look out of the same kitchen window.  But, I always have a different view. A new wonderfully created view. A view in which can only be created by the master artist himself. I know no matter my circumstance. No matter my attitude. No matter the day of the week. No matter the season winter, spring, summer, fall there will be a masterpiece. Some days these views consist of blues, oranges, and reds. Some days its purples and pinks. Some days it will be gray, dark blue and black. Each day it is a different beautifully vibrant painted view. Regardless of the color, I take comfort in this consistency; and as an artist, I appreciate the view. The in-depth colors, the placement of the sun and clouds. Okay, I LOVE the view. If we are connected via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram I am sure you know this by the amount of sunset/sunrise views I share. I’m a little obsessed.
In awe this morning I decided to get a better look. So, I  walked out to the front porch. After snapping a few pictures I attempted to return to the house. What-do-you-know…. The door was locked. Ugh…. Seriously?!? I was LOCKED OUT! I knocked, knocked again and of course knocked some more. I initially got irritated, and then aggravation had begun to set in. Children that can hear a chip bag opening through seven doors and three television blaring all on different channels could not hear me knocking. How is this even possible? I was shoeless in my very unattractive holey pajamas with hair that looked like a homeless woman and morning breath to match. There I was on the front porch, cold and not wanting to walk through the wet grass. I stood on the porch… huffing and puffing basking in the irritated ambiance of my own mistake of not making sure the door was unlocked before coming outside. In an attempt to not lose my cool, I bitterly sat down, arms crossed and puffed up chest sat in my own bitter mistake It’s funny when I discovered I had been locked out; I was forced to sit and wait.  In my attempt to try and figure out how was I going to get back into the house I stopped.  I stopped for a brief moment and took looked around gave up! I gave up on someone hearing me and just waited. I decided to take advantage of the moment and prayed for a few people who came to mind. I know when are forced to sit and wait, is usually when God is trying to speak to us. His chance to speak to us without business and interruptions. As I sat and gazed upon the sunrise, praying over friends and family it was then I realized it…….
Realized how thankful I am for God’s lockouts! Yep, you read it right. GODS LOCKOUTS!
You see because he loves us, in a way we can never fully comprehend. He knows what is best for us. His timing is always perfect. He graces is always sufficient. His love is always abounding. He’s the author of our story and he just knows.
He knows when to lock us out of a job. He knows when to lock us out of relationships. He knows when to lock us out of a move. He knows when to lock us outside. Just to have a sweet moment with us. A sweet one on one moment with just us. He just knows! So, today I am thankful for God’s lockouts!
With my employment search here in Fort Smith seeming like it is going nowhere, this has served as a reminder. God will lock us out of something not meant for us. There is always a bigger reason than we can see. Sometimes we need to be locked out for our own good. So, he can put things into perspective for us. Gods providential plan for us is beautiful. He will never forsake us and he will one hundred percent of the time fulfill his promises to us. I hope this lesson in lockouts will bless someone else who might need one as well.
May your coffee be strong and your faith stronger,
Hollie McCalip

texas blogger sunrise
The beautiful sunrise from the Lock-Out!



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