When Visiting my mother this last weekend I had a wonderful opportunity to learn a lesson about the amazing godly women in my family generations before me.

See, I had my Bible in my suitcase (I always travel with it). Shortly after arriving I pulled my Bible from my suitcase.  It was then my mother introduced me to a few other bibles. She knows my love for history, antiques, and genealogy. Well,  I instantly fell in love with these bibles (seriously!). After opening and examining each bible and laying them out In front of me there were four, yes…. four generations of God’s word. That’s forty years!

My great-grandmother Winnie Edwards, my Grandmother Ruth Slaton, my mother Donna Slaton and of course mine. Each woman had carefully highlighted important scriptures. Handwritten notes inspired by God’s word, being significant to each one in their generation during a specific time and circumstance. It brought to memory the scripture in (Joel 1:3) Tell your children about it in the years to come, and let your children tell their children. Pass the story down from generation to generation. I remember as a young child my mother, an exhausted mother of four young children falling asleep in her rocker while reading her bible. I knew she was busy trying to train up (Proverbs 22:6) four children in an unstable chaotic sometimes violent home and God would honor her attempt at studying his word and praying even if she fell asleep. He would honor her attempt at being faithful on the highway of life even when everything looked bleak and we were at the end of a road, not knowing where the next exit took us. We were not a perfect family. Actually, far far from it. Surprised, right (enter sarcastic tone here)!?!  We each have our struggles. We each cope with these struggles differently. (I am not able to speak for my siblings, only for myself). Coping in our own ways. 

In those years, even in the midst of hard times and struggles, watching my mom lay her hand on a car with a big fat red “E” representing an empty tank of gas and praying over it and driving another few days. Praying for an almost empty cupboard but not ever going hungry (1 Kings 17). Some days we didn’t know where, when, why or how but she never failed to pray. She never failed to read the word and with our little watching eyes, and it instilled the faithfulness of Gods promises in me (Deuteronomy 7). As I sat and carefully examined forty years worth of notes and highlights of women in my family who desired to walk with God, I understood she only did what she had been shown in the years before me. The prayers, the studying of God’s word and the pure faithfulness in the midst of many trials are what has gotten me where I am today. I can only hope and pray I leave the next generation with a glimpse this faithfulness and hope only found within the scriptures.  

Stayed prayed and caffeinated up,
Hollie McCalip