Dear Random Rude Internet Stranger,

See I don’t know you, in fact, I’ve never met you. We do not follow each other on any social media outlets. However, when I offered sympathy and condolences to someone on Instagram who had just suffered an unfortunate miscarriage, a message of hope and encouragement, you felt impressed and took it upon yourself to attack my post. Accusing me of being a self-righteous cow, and Jesus fanatic. Immediately a random and kind stranger explained my post and I agreed with her and thanking her for her understanding and explanation. But, you didn’t stop there,
you went to my Instagram page and not only called me fat, obese, gross and accused me of not caring for my daughter because she is as you said “Fat AF” as well as commenting publicly on my food and recipe post stating “you’re obese AF you don’t need to be eating that.” I blocked you! Yes, as juvenile as it sounds I blocked you. Then after much thought anger and prayer, I felt convicted and decided to unblock you.

See, for the life of me, I couldn’t understand why a random stranger would attack someone they didn’t know and say such horrible, hurtful things. I’m okay with someone who wants to say horrible things to me because as a “Jesus Fanatic” I know who I am and I serve a God who not only lavishly loves but thinks I’m imperfectly amazing. I know where I stand in the eyes of that God so I am unaffected by your comments. My motives, my life song are for that audience of one.

However, my twelve-year-old daughter was tagged in those photos where you blasted her weight. Like any twelve-year-old young girl, she is not yet mature enough to understand your lack of self-control, idiocracy, and hatefulness.

But, let me thank you. Thank you, Rude Stranger, for allowing me to use this as a teachable moment. I was able to use what the enemy had to hurt me and my daughter for a “Jesus fanatic” lesson. I was able to teach my daughter who were are as women, and our self-worth is not dictated by strangers on the internet. Strangers who obviously are hurting, unhappy and do not have a relationship with Christ. But, we are daughters of God, precious masterpieces and a work in progress. So, again, thank you fo allowing God to use your ungodliness to bring my daughter a lesson and a reminder to me of who we are and our identity in Christ.

Signed, A Jesus Fanatic